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If you are looking for ladders that have been made in Australia, then Industrial Steps and Ladders are the ones to contact. They are a company known for engineering ladders and iron steps made out of plastic. Ever since 2001, they have been providing innovative solutions for national and international clients. In the year 2003, they began manufacturing AAD-A-STEP ladder after numerous contractors stated the need for these ladders in accessing pits and for numerous others industrial works. The light weight ladders are designed in such a manner that they are safe to use in various working conditions be it in waste water or corrosive environment.

The best part about these ladders is that they are delivered to clients immediately; this is because they are available on shelf and require no manufacturing or furnishing after an order is placed. If you haven’t still used this ladder, you must do it now as modular ladders are the new thing in the market. The team at Industrial Steps and Ladders manufacture these ladders from different types of polymers. For more information on ladders or if you want to place an order, you can contact them at the following number:1300 737 554.

Why chose Industrial Steps and Ladders

There are many manufacturers of ladders in Australia and all over the world, but there are certain reasons as to why you should only contact the team at Industrial Steps and Ladders. The first and foremost is that they make ladders out of plastic. People question and many even have this misconception that products made from plastic are not strong. If you think similarly, then you are wrong as far as ladders made by Industrial Steps and Ladders are concerned. All products they manufacture are strong and durable; so that you can be assured that the ladder you buy will last a long time. One of the biggest concerns raised is that these ladders are made from plastic, but what you need to know is that they recycle plastic and none of it is wasted. Another feature of these ladders that you need to know is that they do not corrode. The ladders they manufacture are light in weight, hence can be easily carried from one place to another. And above all, these are made in Australia, what else would one need! If you are interested about plastic encapsulated step irons you can visit this site

The new ladder

What they do is that they use advancements in technology with innovative designs to manufacture products that can provide maximum relief to customers at work place. In the year 2001, they came up with this new ladder that has separate rungs entitled as Sure-Step. All the ladders they design and manufacture are approved by the relevant government authority, which means that they are safe to use. Quality of the products and dedication of the team in delivering the best for customers is something you will not find elsewhere. Rate of maintenance of these ladders is also very low, which means that all you have to do is just buy them once!

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